Born in 1972, Warsaw, Wolski studied physical oceanography at the University of Gdansk. After his graduation in 1998, he decided to change his career path and started working as a goldsmith and designer. He is completely self-taught maker.

Jewellery was his first love, but now he also creates bigger forms- sculptures, lamps, furniture.

His works were exhibited at private galleries and museums like Danish Museum of Art & Design, Holon Design Museum or The Museum of Arts and Design New York. 



2017 "Only what you've rejected will be left for you", Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland;

2017 "Only what you've rejected will be left for you" Gallery BB, Krakow, Poland;

2013 Gallery (AV-17), Vilnius, Lithuania;

2011 Amber Museum, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2009 Gallery Spektrum (with Mia Maljojoki and Florence Lehmann), Munich, Germany;

2006 Galleri Brantebjerg, Copenhagen, Denmark;

2005 Danish Museum of Art and Design, Copenhagen, Denmark;

2001 Amber Museum, Nida, Lithuania;

2001 Galerie Aniol, Wuppertal, Germany;

2000 Gallery Yes, Poznan, Poland;



2017 „The Munich times”, Gallery Spektrum, Munich;

2017 "tog_ther !  Fill in:  e  or  a", Kunstpavillon, Munich;

2016 „35 years Gallery Spektrum”, Munich;

2013 „Loot”, Museum of Arts and Design, New York;

2013 „Common Roots”, Holon Design Museum, Israel;

2013 „Hardened Tears”, Villa de Bondt, Gent, Belgium;

2012 Kielce Design Center, Poland;

2012 „Just a Thing”, DMY, Berlin, Germany;

2012 „Pinanonimum”, Lisbon, Portugal;

2012 Group Six at Galerie V&V, Vienna, Austria;

2012- „Collect” with Lesley Craze Gallery at Saatchi Gallery, London;

2012 „Public Wall”, Lodz Design Festival, Poland;

2011 "Dreamscape", Gallery av17, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2011 - „God, Honour, Motherland”- Lodz Design Festival, Poland;

2010- „Collect” with Lesley Craze Gallery at Saatchi Gallery, London;

2010 - „6 : 10” Group Six- Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland; Lodz Design Festival, Poland;

„This is another love song about death” Group Six, Club Sfinks, Sopot, Poland;

2009 „Decadence”, Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland;

2009 „Sting of Passion”, Manchester Art Gallery, England;

2008 - „Exclusive”, Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland;

2001 - 2009 over 20 exhibitions of Group Six (Poland, Norway, England);



2010 Innovation Prize, Inhorgenta- Munich, Germany;

2009 Special Award, „Decadence”, Gallery in Legnica, Poland;

2009 I Prize „Presentations”, Warsaw, Poland.

2007 II prize, Gallery Milano, Warsaw, Poland;

2003 Distinction, Gallery Milano, Warsaw, Poland;

2001 „Golden Thread” Lodz, Poland;

2000 Special Prize – Amberif '00;

2000 III Prize, „Figure and Form”, Petersbourg, Russia;


public collections

Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland;

Silver Museum, Gliwice, Poland;

Amber Museum, Gdansk, Poland;

Amber Museum, Ribnitz-Damgarten, Germany;

Amber Museum, Malbork, Poland.