Is self-reflection the beginning of change? Can an item prompt self-reflection? Does returning to the 20th-century ideals make sense today?



A stool - can be used for seating or meditations, but reflect before sitting.

Aren’t you making yourself ridiculous? Aren’t you offending the human race and yourself by sitting on it?



I would like to ask the public to finish a ceramic bas-relief with colored markers. The drawing will be removed after a certain time whereas the photographic documentation will represent the life story of the object.
I am interested in a perspective on the collective author-user. Does he act for his own pleasure only or is he a team player for the good of the entire work? And if he manifests content, then what is that content, where and how is it manifested?
In the case of the exhibition of this work at a festival or a museum, it will be interesting to observe the change of viewer status as he takes on the role of creator while his work is recognized by becoming part of the exhibition.
How to cope with the temptation of censoring such creative freedom in public space?

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